Friday, November 10, 2006

gold embellished cube bracelet

it seems that the 4x4 cube beads are best done with square stitch which is easy and it holds them well. However they do need embellishment and with this item I think I've come up with a good simple answer. It also feels nice to wear.

Monday, November 06, 2006

clear crystal bracelet

another crystal bracelet with clear crystals.

another cube bracelet

This bracelet uses Czech cubes, also from Bo-gal.

cube bracelet and earrings set

These are Japanese beads from Bo-Gal using square stitch. After I made the bracelet, I used the extra for earrings.

Crystal tennis bracelet set

The bracelet is from B&B Feb. 2005 by Diane Hertzler. I added the earrings to match it. The crystals supplied by my daughter.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Square stitch bracelet and fairisle vest

This is a simple one. All you need to know is how to do square stitch which is an easy beadweaving stitch. I used 4x4 cubes I bought from Gloria at Bo-gal. Then I embellished it with some pretty triangle beads from her. Again very easy to do. The only problem with cube beads is that except for brick and square stitch you can't do much with them and they're also heavier than the usual seed beads. But I really bought some gorgeous ones which I intend to make into bracelets. There's a really nice on in brick stitch from the book by Fitzgerald and a few in some bracelet compilations from Bead and button. If anyone knows of others, I'd like to know about them.

I'm also busy knitting up a vest for my xl size son using Rowan yarns I ordered from England. Design is Dotty from Rowan 40 by Kaffe Fassett and it is a very easy fairisle to make. I like his idea of using a vareigated yarn on the pattern with a contrasting plain background yarn. Back is finished and when the rest is done I'll take a picture, maybe with my son wearing it. He's somewhere far away but says sometime this month he'll be passing my way.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kureyon cotton shawl

This is the cover shawl from VK's shawls book and was designed by Linda Cyr. I used Kureyon cotton which worked out well and added 3 buttons and closed up for sort of sleeves.

cotton aran- Willough

This is from "Knitting the new classics" and I used the yarn called for, Willough which is a nice light worsted cotton. I made a lot of cable mistakes though because it was knit during the summer war.

back home

I had 2 months of vacation and then once home I got very busy with my projects so only now I'm ready to start blogging again. The first 3 weeks were spent for my second year at Missenden Abbey in England and I had two weeks of courses. Tambour beading and goldwork embroidery. Next year I'd like to continue with both teachers but I think she'll be teaching cabuchons instead of the tambour which is fine with me.

After that I had 3 weeks in Tiberias at a nice hotel spa which was also my second time. I'd love to return. Holiday Inn right next to the Tiberias spa facilities. Just gorgeous with the mountains all around.

I've completed several summer knitting projects which I will get up pretty soon and also got into my crewel embroidery and more beading.
The picture here shows two bracelets in peyote stitch using beads from Bo-Gal (Japanese beads) and two nice sets of earrings that dangle which I love.

Friday, August 04, 2006

more earrings

I suddenly realized I need to change my jewelry every day at Missenden Abbey next week. So in a rush first of all I made these 4 pair of earrings. The blue set is done in brick stitch, next to it is herringbone and then tubular brick. The end one is 2 needle cross weaving. All just done according to my own simple design.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

dangle earrings

Brick stitch from the Carol Taylor book. I may have to redo the first one but the second one came out well. I really like them.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

earrings, bracelet and necklace

This was a good learning experience for me. The beads are shaped round like pearls. First I used square stitch for the bracelet but was not pleased. Then I backstitched the small silver beads for embellishment. Next the necklace based on cross weaving using a metal instead of needle and thread. The earrings are done the same way.

Spiral herringbone earrings

This makes a set with the bracelet although I used smaller Japanese beads.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Spiral herringbone bracelet

I enjoyed doing this bracelet and also like wearing it. The beads are too large for earrings though. Beading is great during wars especially if it's not too difficult. I had to rip out half of an aran that I had already made before because I was watching the tv news and just couldn't concentrate.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Taylor and amulet bags

I'm working my way slowly through Enid Taylor's great book on making amulet bags.I made one in reds and it was promptly grabbed by a woman who insisted it was hers! This is the second one. Both were in brick stitch but next I want to do peyote stitch bags as they're faster. I also used her earring pattern which goes with this bag nicely.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Diaange raglan

Another fast raglan using yarn bought in Tokyo. This is Diakeito yarn called Diaange and it took 9 -40 gram balls. It's 90% wool and perhaps something like alpaca or whatever. It's very light to wear but also warm. I paid $60 two years ago for the yarn with one ball remaining. My first impression of the yarn was not good as I could see a core with yarns coming from that but I think it was only when the red colors were being used. After a while I decided I liked it anyway but I wouldn't buy it again.
The yarn works up nicely as a raglan with self striping. I'm standing in my new kitchen.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This raglan uses Diadomina yarn I brought back from the far east. It's light to wear and warm and I use the Jacqueline Fee book on raglans.


My daughter gave me her digital camera which is super so here is a poncho I finished not long ago from the Edi Eckman poncho book. Made in Kureyon and an easy knit to do.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Japanese bead books

I'm listing here information about the new beadbooks I just ordered from If you enter the ISBN # on their search page, the book will come up and also the prices in yen so I won't give them here but I will add a bit more about the author and what I think now about the book. Obviously you can also find these books in Japanese bookstores but it's just easiest for me to use Also most of these books ordered from Amazon had reader comments giving them 5 stars.
Here goes:
1)Brilliant beads jewellery for celebrations by Yoko. ISBN 4408626937 c2004
necklaces, bracelets, hairpins, wedding crown, etc.
2)Beads accessory by Uta Ohno. c2001 ISBN4091033792 includes crocheted items with beads.
3)Graceful beads jewelry by Takako Akaki and Megumi Yamanaka, c2003 ISBN 4277471811
necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings, cell phone straps, purses, eyeglass chain / 82 projects.
4)Perle veneziane c2002. ISBN4529037479 Czech and Austrian beads showcased. In addition to usual stuff, several nice watches.highly recommend this one.
5)Bohemian beads c2003 ISBN4529038572 There are 65 projects and it is just gorgeous. Includes all kinds plus watch bands, cell phone straps and has nice pictures of the industry and the beads used. also high recommendation for this one.

That was my most recent order. Now the previous order:
1) 100 beads jewelry New York style by Mika tsukamoto, c2003 ISBN4529038394
100 projects with lots of "pin work" using jump rings, eyepins, etc. Plenty of all sorts of projects.
2)Fairy bead jewelry by Mika Tsukamoto, c2004 ISBN406211982X
46 projects. Some of the projects illustrated in color and others only in black and white which is harder to follow.
3) author is Kyo Kyuchin, c2005.ISBN4277472001. Lots of "pinwork", some crochet. very nice.
4)My dream of bead jewelry New York style by Mika Tsukamoto, c2004
ISBN4529040364.91 projects.Lots of "pinwork" and some antique style items.
5) author Yumiko Akutagawa, c2003 ISBN4062117916 "Pinwork" projects. very pretty.
6)Victorian style beads jewelry by Mika Tsukamoto, c2002 ISBN4529036928
antique looking, "pinwork", bridal pieces. very lovely. 62 projects.

I bought a bead book in Tokyo before I started to bead:
Beads lesson book by IIjima Midori c2003. ISBN407239310X This book has more photos showing how to do the various projects but none of them are very nice looking.

And one book I bought in Singapore called:
Bead embroidery by Takeko Kuriyama c2003. ISBN4579109740 Regular bead embroidery with lovely photos and good illustrated instructions. If you do this work, this is a really nice book to own. Doesn't go into tambour beading.

One pointer: all of the books have information on how to do the jewelry and also illustrate the tools and beads needed and most also give the size of the beads and some even show the beads in different colors on the chart with a key so you really can figure out what goes where. This work is not the American/English beadweaving but more of the French kind of work but using either the nylon without a needle or the wire. Needles are not used.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

peyote bracelet

This bracelet uses a "mix" of beads. I did it in peyote stitch but have enough to do it in another stitch. I needed to add some decoration on the sides to hide the thread.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

amulet bag

This amulet bag was in the Fitzgerald book on brick stitch which I've been working through lately. I learned that brick stitch isn't that easy for one thing. I made some changes mainly in the type of beads I used. I didn't have Egyptian gold pieces.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Brick stitch bracelet

This bracelet is from t he Diane Fitzgerald brick stitch book. I've started working my way through my book collection and this book is the first one up. I'm doing her amulet bag now. I had some problems understanding the bracelet instructions so I had to reread the book first. She uses terms like "stack" which are her own and also I felt at first a bit lost in the instructions but eventually it all made sense.

filigree bracelet set

My own creation using what I learned in bead class.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ankle bracelet

Ankle bracelet and if it's too heavy, I can always make it a regular one.

I put together a lot of earrings yesterday from the silver I brought back from Bangkok on my trip out there. Also finished an earring in delica blue and gold (thanks to Tami for helping me with them) and the bracelet was just put together with some of my first bead purchases after I complained to Tami that I didn't know what to do with them. I used a gold chain and put the beads on eye pins. It was fun to make and even my sister likes it!

Friday, May 26, 2006


This afghan by Linda Taylor can be found in Heirloom afghans to knit and crochet by Leinhauser and Weiss. What I like about it is that you begin with Tunisian stitch and since the pattern only calls for 15 stitches, it can be done with a regular length crochet hook. It's made in 6 long strips which are easily hooked together and for such a big afghan, there aren't that many ends to sew in either. A really good stashbuster for me. The brown is Tunisian and the others are a regular crochet pattern. I also hope to make more from this book which is better than most of them.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Thanks to Dixie Ackerman, I have made this lovely peyote stitched wavy flag. The one on the left uses size 9 beads and on the right Delicas.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Just finished this one for homework assignment. Kind of unusual. Anyone like it?


I'm getting better now with the loom. This is my widest bracelet so far and I'm using size 8 Czech beads which I really like. To finish the warps, I'm using a big eye needle because the warps are a thick polyester yarn I bought in Cape Town and it splits. I'm weaving them in and out of the warp threads and doing one halfhitch knot and then cutting with a new scissars by Fiskar which is supposed to be good for Fireline but also good on this.
I do have something I could have applied over the warps and pasted on, but felt that sewing in is really the best way.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dallas "Perkins"

This is from Yorkshire Fable and is by Sarah Dallas. The pattern came out in 2003 and that's when I bought the yarn too. So only 3 years to fo isn't bad. Rowan Yorkshire tweed dk is the yarn. I enjoyed knitting with it and I think it'll be great to wear also. Not too warm. I didn't know until the end if this one would fit. It was that big a problem. First of all I decided to knit the body in one piece so I'd have less ends to sew in. But I wasn't sure of my gauge because of the crochet added after the knitting. So I knit up an entire sleeve first and added the crochet to get the right gauge. I had to make changes then in the pattern as my gauge wasn't the pattern's. However unlike the fairisle vest below, the buttonhole section was great to do and I found nice buttons as well. However, I hope never to knit such a complicated sweater again. Just too much fiddling and uncertainty for me.

One of the big problems was the bottom section in a lacey stitch which is supposed to be sewn on at the end. I didn't do that which was a mistake because I got a nasty ridge between that and the rest of the sweater so I added a line of embroidery chain stitch to hide it. The crocheting at the end pulls out the gauge a lot so I was correct in making a sleeve first or else it never would have been finished. Whew!

Topping Yellowknife vest

I nearly finished this vest last year and finally just now found buttons and put them on. The big problem was the buttonhole section because the directions called for two layers in st st folded over so how do you do the buttonholes? I knew of the Neatby method and figured that would do but since I didn't have it I ended up figuring out my own technique. I have to say I got better as I went along!
The yarn is J&S and I think the pattern and colors are gorgeous. There were no mistakes. However if I were to redo it, I would definitely do a different buttonhole without the double layer.
I feel this fairisle vest is one of the loveliest I've ever made. You can find the kit at Wool and Wicker .

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Today was our Independence Day and Tami and I decided to bead together and it was lots of fun. Anyway, I have two looms so we ended up each making a bracelet from
"Bracelet bonanza" which is a very easy book for this. I used Czech size 8 beads I brought back from Capetown after Steven Long convinced me that Czech beads are excellent for their quality and colors and I am just delighted with the sparkle of these colors. However, I am not yet pleased with my technique. For this one, I ended up sewing in all the warps and used a big eye needle. But there are other ways to try.

I've been buying more books again. In knitting the big ones were the Janet Szabo Aran knitting book and the new Norah Gaughan which is quite geometric and math oriented. Both are definitely good additions to my growing collection. I keep looking at my poncho books because I see several ponchos or wraps that I want to make however most of them use winter yarns so there's going to be a long hiatus first.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Beaded watches

One watch took hours to make with Fireline; the second about 5 minutes with Beadalon.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Iris Schreier

Iris Schreier lives in White Plains where I used to live 30 years ago, but I finally got to meet her last night in Herzlyia when I picked up handknit hats for the soldiers from a Denver knitting group. They had been passed on to Roxy in Brooklyn who got them to Iris who was coming here for a family reunion for Pesach. My first impression of her was that she reminded me of a sweet cousin of mine back in Minneapolis. Second impression was that she is one very creative cookie. Since both of us were coughing and sneezing (thanks to El Al) I didn't want to inflict my presence on her too long; but I came away with some really eye opening glimpses of the life of a creative knitter.

We did cover quite a lot of territory though as we discussed various yarns I had brought to show her from my travels. She then dived into her knitting projects which will become her third book. I was very impressed by her finished top (a picture is in the spring VK) and also by a lacey piece worked along with short garter st rows for an edge. Her book will come out in a year and I plan on buying it because it will have larger pieces than her first two books. She did sign both of her books for me though. I guiltily admit I have only looked through them but I think the time is coming to do some homework.

I came away greatly inspired to try and be more creative. Iris is really a thinking knitter.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

vintage style Posted by Picasa

Israeli style bracelet

I made this bracelet in my bead class from the second session. Homework for the next one is gorgeous too. Meanwhile I am doing an entrelac scarf and I think it is going to become a vest. Also knitting a shawl from the Oberle shawl book with Brunswick Pomfret and crocheting a shawl or maybe it will become a summer top. I just took the idea from "Cool crochet" by Leapman. This book is really nice.

Friday, March 10, 2006

McCalls capes

Aren't these great? I want to make the one on the left but I'm running out of winter time. Both appeared in the old McCalls. Fall-Winter 71/2 for the one on the left and spring/summer 1975 for the one with the bobbles. I think a worsted wt yarn will work on both of them.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

new knitting chair

My old chair for knitting has become my beading chair so I discovered I didn't have anything suitable. I started looking. Nothing seemed right until I ran into this one in the basement storage room of a store in the next town. Price was ok too: $100. I've been using it for a few days now and it has very good back support. It's a wide chair so the arms don't interfere either. What is your favorite chair?

Friday, February 24, 2006

my entrelac

I bought this lovely alpaca yarn at John Lewis in London some years back and it was a challenge as I had to buy what was still there. It's yarn from Finland. Originally I thought it would be a fairisle vest, but then back home I felt it would be too warm that way so next idea was an entrelac vest using the 5 colors, and I had only one ball of two of the colors: white and black. Anyway, I finished the front and back a nd then didn't know how to proceed so it went into t he wip pile for a few years. Well, I pulled it out recently and when I flipped it upside down, I saw that if I could remove the center triangle, that would be enough for most of t he neckline. Did that and picked up stitches to add a bit for the shoulders. I then discovered I still had 3 balls (total was 11) and I thought I could squeeze out a pair of striped sleeves with the 3 remaining colors. I finished with just a few yards left.
The bottom was started as a ribbing, but I didn't like it because it was pulling in and the sweater didn't need the length, so I redid that section with 2 rows of sc.
Every now and then the entrelac bug hits me.
Weather this week is really hot so I'm moving now into the fairisle wips and next to be done only needs a little final sewing. It's been waiting nearly a year!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Venishnick entrelac from VK

I love entrelacs and have done quite a few. The problems are out there. How to finish at the neck, sleeves and bottom: lots of different attempts and this one is really interesting. I had a very hard time understanding how to sew in the sleeves which are knit from the top d own and really flare out at the armholes. But finally I figured it out and was very pleased with the result. The yarn is a wonderful Wensleydale which is extremely warm and actually I used the exact yarn and color that was in VK although I bought it before it came out.

The neckline, sleeves and bottom all finish in the same way which adds another nice designer touch. The aran pattern on the bottom is knit first and then stitches are picked up to make the entrelac sections. This aran is also done on the sleeves. It is not an easy one.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Mardi gras earrings (Carol Taylor)

This comes from "Creative bead jewelry" (c1995). Brick stitch mainly with size 11 beads and bugles. It takes quite a long time to make. The book has other variations.

Friday, February 03, 2006

jump ring necklace

Beads from South AFrica and China and mainly jump rings. Lots of fun. Have to make more.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

J&S chunky

Here is the J&S shetland chunky in raglan style. The yarn is really warm and the pattern is very comfy. I use the Jacqueline Fee book on raglans and have never been disappointed. I prefer knitting them from the bottom up to avoid having all the sweater in my hands which can cause arm problems. And the chunky knits up quickly. The sweater is a big big on me but I figure it can always go to someone else. I have bought up quite a bit of this yarn which I think is now nearly gone. Compared to other chunky yarns, the price for that quality is hard to beat.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

long skinny

Another from the Rivero books. The earrings were done very similar to the pattern on the bracelet. I had to redo it about 3 times as I kept making silly mistakes until it worked out.

Meanwhile I'm busy knitting up some of my new J&S shetland chunky yarn and trying to finish an older Rowan item I started last year.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

winter vk

I have stopped several subs to knitting magazines and the few remaining include VK. Well, if it continues in the same vein as the new winter issue, I won't be renewing. I should have realized it was bad from the beginning when there were two covers! On top of the regular cover they had put another one with Lion brand. Most of the patterns inside use bulky yarns and many are designed by Mari Lynn Patrick who I believe is related to the editor. I don't think most Americans with indoor heating can even wear such warm sweaters inside and certainly I can't here in Israel so that alone would stop me from knitting them. This issue says it is all modern classics. Well, a lot of the patterns call for very expensive yarns some of which are doubled and of course an older knitter knows she can buy a cheaper yarn to substitute. There are lots of silly patterns no one would ever knit like #6 a shrug by Patrick and #21 a mitered skirt or #27 also by Patrick which is an aran skirt.
The arans are all seriously lacking in commonsense. Several use bulky yarns and several have lots of bobbles. #9 which is fairly nice by Gaughan, is just plain uninteresting. #12 by Kathy Zimmerman is a cropped cardi in a bulky yarn with a very strange neckline. #14 by Patrick is a cape which actually might be useful. I wonder if anyone will knit it.
There are several excellent designers in this issue but they all seem to have had an off day for this issue. I have to blame the talented editorial staff.
Whoever listed the yarns by weight on top of each written pattern obviously is not a knitter as #13 which is Montera yarn is listed as being #4 in weights or a worsted which it isn't. That is just one example of several.
Some really ugly patterns are also in this issue: example is #25 by Sasha Kagan who is normally very good with colors but the picture is nauseating. #26 is the only decent sweater in the whole collection. #29 by Shirley Paden who is also an excellent designer lacks any good qualities. It's a fairisle in pink and blue and for some reason the front zipper is broken in the picture and it sports a huge collar over this vest. Something seriously wrong with it for sure. #32 by Mably uses Rowan Summer tweed and would be good if it were in a spring or summer issue. The scarf set across from it is one of those simple things that should have been put into their other magazine. #36 by Mably of a hat and scarf set is the second decent pattern in this magazine where the ads are a lot more interesting than the patterns.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Russian netted necklace from Olive

I had problems in the center. Can you find the mistakes? let me know, ok? Next one maybe using bugles.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tunisian crochet

I enjoy Tunisian crochet and have taken some leftovers to make another afghan. Well, when I reached the point where I didn't have enough of either color to do one square, I did them in rows and this is the result. Actually, it's the simple stitch and checking one of my books, of course I found it right away. I think it would also make a lovely sweater, perhaps done in several colors in alternating rows. Tunisian stitch is easy and makes a nice tight fabric which is warm and also can be embroidered later with cross stitch. It is also called the afghan stitch. There are specially longer hooks one can buy. I have one in bamboo from the far East which is great. I'm also working another afghan called Zigzag from a new afghan book and part of the afghan is done in this stitch but with only 15 sts so I can use a regular length hook. Does anyone know how to find size 4.5mm in a regular length? I have one and don't know who made it but would love more in that size. Seems like hooks skip over it going from 4.25 to 5.00.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fab '50s

Glenda Payseno's bracelet from the Bead and button easy bead-woven bracelets. Very nice with crystals and triangle beads. Length of thread called for 50" too much.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Crystal cuff

This is from Bead & Button's Easy bead-woven bracelets by Anna Nehs. It uses wire plus crystals and beads. Very simple and actually boring but doesn't need a clasp which is interesting.