Thursday, March 23, 2006

Israeli style bracelet

I made this bracelet in my bead class from the second session. Homework for the next one is gorgeous too. Meanwhile I am doing an entrelac scarf and I think it is going to become a vest. Also knitting a shawl from the Oberle shawl book with Brunswick Pomfret and crocheting a shawl or maybe it will become a summer top. I just took the idea from "Cool crochet" by Leapman. This book is really nice.


Anonymous said...

That latest bracelet looks fun, what sort of beads did you use, and is the pattern in a book?
Best wishes Ann

Anonymous said...

I asked a question, and then did not leave anything for you to reply to!!LOL!!
Ann -

sillyewe said...

OOhh, Oooooh, Ooooooh. That bracelet is really wonderful! And we need picks of your new kit!!! :0) So I have to ask, is that your balconey that has that wonderful view?