Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Starmore Keava

I finished Keava this summer but only got a photo of it now. I made it smaller with one less repeat a nd I'm pleased with the way it fits me. I find that I'll have to resize my other Starmore kits as when they were designed the style was meant to be looser t han today's fashion.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hongkong again (notice the fi sweater from Sweaters from camp)

I recently returned from 5 weeks in the far east mainly in Hongkong visiting my daughter and little Asya. I also went to see my son in Jakarta and together we had a great weekend in Bali in Ubud. Along the way I passed through Singapore for a very intense 4 hour bead shopping spree and from Hongkong I spent another weekend in China also with about 4 hours in a huge bead center. Also found beads in Kowloon and bought a few nice Japanese yarns and knitting books. I saw my HK knitting friends too and also Tanti in Jakarta. Back again in Israel I was greeted warmly by Joseph who invited me for a great weekend up in Tiberias at the Scottish Hotel which is a nice adult hotel with lectures and tours. It felt like being out of the country but I did find the dates I wanted which grow nearby. The weather was mild with no rain and we saw an interesting sight of many religious Jews praying for rain. It didn't arrive but now it looks to be on the way. And when that happens the supermarket is very crowded with people stocking up with about 2 months of food! Very strange for a Minnesota girl to see that. I just bought some veggies and stuff for a Chinese meal.
I'm trying to eliminate some of my yarn and bead stash these days giving away the materials I probably will never use.
My breast cancer returned again but I'm still lucky. After nearly 33 years of a close relationship with this malady, the best oncologist here told me to take a hormone and return in 6 months. So life is good. My daughter asked me if I plan to do more medical tests an d I responded there isn't much left that I haven't done this year. It's nice to just relax and worry about finding those little Delica beads under the table! I've gotten new beading books with things that are new to me and I'm looking forward to working my way through them and making some really nice stuff with my new collection of delica and Swarowski beads.

Monday, June 02, 2008

crochet sampler afghan

This was begun maybe 30 years ago with yarns I brought from America: Spinnerin mainly. I can't seem to find the pattern now. I think it was one of the yarn comapany pamphlets with about 60 some patterns. There are a lot less here as I just decided finally to sew them up. It's now a lapghan and I plan on gifting it to my friend in a wheelchair who is always cold.

Barbara Walker afghan finished

Finally this afghan from the Walker Learn to knit afghan book is finished. I must have started it about 30 years ago! The problem was that the squares were uneven and I didn't have confidence in sewing them up. I was thinking I'd need to block them or add some more rows around some of the squares or something but turned out to be very easy to just sew them up because the yarn used was Spinnerin wool and wool stretches. Not all the squares in her book are here as I didn't care finally to knit anymore but just finish what I've got.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Delica 10s with crystals

This little bracelet took nearly 3 days. I fits very nicely but actually I don't care for t he 10s that much. 1 of them is twice the length of 2 of the 11s. The main problem here was getting the little circle clasp to fit over the big toggle.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hoeschen's Harvest time bracelet

It took longer to find the right beads than to make the bracelet from Step by step beads Jan 2008 by Dottie Hoeschen. I used a lot less crystals but size 8 and I couldn't find the right spacers so used some size 6 gold beads in my stash. I might do it again. The button is Japanese and bought in Jakarta.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My peyote stitch bracelet

I used KO Japanese bead thread in white. The color was a mistake so I added size 15s for a picot to hide it. The beads are a Japanese mix I bought from Gloria. I should have made a peyote clasp but felt like just using a lobster clasp. My own design such as it is.
I really like the KO thread. It doesn't fray and gets into the needle always with the first pass. I need to buy more of this.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rogalski crystal earrings

Pattern is in Step by step beads Jan 2008. Very foolproof and fast and gorgeous too.

Friday, February 29, 2008

bronze set in RAW

Fast and easy. Bronze seed beads (Japanese) for RAW base with Czech crystals 4mm and gold 15mm for center. Earrings similar

Thursday, February 28, 2008

tubular herringbone earrings

This is my own pattern for the earrings. I made it before with red, green, blue and gold beads. It got lots of compliments so now I'm trying in different colors. I start off with 12 beads (2 of one color, 2 of gold, etc) Go back into them by 2 at a time and connect first to last set. Then start off by going up and down: 1 down and 3 up. The fringe is usually about 6 beads or so. The gold here is a bit heavier than the other beads but the earrings aren't that heavy so it's good as the gold might tarnish if worn next to the skin.

red bracelet

This second one came out better.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Keava from In the Hebrides

I am busy on this pullover by AS. I changed the number of repeats to 17 and 306 stitches for about a 42" bust for me. My normal gauge on 3.25mm needles is 7 sts=4" and I've decided to stick with this for all the fairisles I do. The yarn is from Jamiesons and the pattern is from In the Hebrides. The main problem is that it is a boxy sweater and also I had to cut down the number of rows in the bottom ribbing as it would have come out to 4" which I feel is too much. The total length will be close to 25".

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bead lady bracelet

The Beadlady is one of my favorite sources for patterns and this is one of hers. Good way to use 4mm cubes too.

Monday, February 18, 2008

RAW bracelet with crystals

Just a simple bracelet in RAW stitch with Czech crystals and size 15 gold beads added in center. I feel like making more in different colors.

Negev, Eilat

I spent 4 days on a trip to Eilat with a group from ESRA, English language speaking group here in Israel. We stayed at the Lagoona hotel in Eilat and every morning saw different sites including this spot for birdwatching flamingoes. Just wanted to show t he reflection in the water.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Singapore bead books

This book by Jestina M. Hong, Enchanting handmade jewellery (isbn 981-05-2501-x) publisher Abblizzio Creation. www. has 100 designs with 70 graphically illustrated. 3 methods are used: stringing, looping, and wiring. Everything with Swarowski crystals. Instructions in English with everything charted out as in the Japanese books. No beadweaving however. There are lots of nice photos showing the items and a total of 159 pages in this hardbound book which was published in 2005. It is for sale only in Singapore at Borders there and at some of the local beadstores. I also saw it at the Singapore national library and it is the only book in its category and is cataloged there in the rare books section for Singapore crafts. I didn't buy it in 2005 because it was about $40 US and I thought I might find it on Amazon but no such luck.
While there this time I was in luck as her second book appeared.

Wonderful handmade jewellery ISBN 978-981-05-8461-0
This large sized paperback is 116 pages and has a lot of interesting advs from Singapore beadstores. No necklaces but lots of earrings, bracelets and rings. Same type of beading and using Swarowski and pearls. Price is 29.90 in Singapore dollars and I bought it at Mix & match at the People's park centre.

While in Singapore I was looking for a bead centre but what I found were a few centers plus other stores scattered around. Arab Street is one center with many stores but mainly they sell Indian beads. Since I was walking around feeling ill after Bali, I didn't do much checking but I think Swarowski were also there.

However I got to the Golden dragon in the People's Park centre and on the way to it I passed a few other beadstores including Mix n match where I found this second book. The Golden dragon sells Delica but only the original size 11 and lots of Swarowski. I was able to get the VAT removed (7%). The other stores sell Swarowski and other beads and supplies. Including some nice storage plastic containers and various books. I also found Sheilah Cleary's second book there and bought it. One item I bought everywhere I went were the ball and socket clasps made in China.