Tuesday, January 31, 2006

long skinny

Another from the Rivero books. The earrings were done very similar to the pattern on the bracelet. I had to redo it about 3 times as I kept making silly mistakes until it worked out.

Meanwhile I'm busy knitting up some of my new J&S shetland chunky yarn and trying to finish an older Rowan item I started last year.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

winter vk

I have stopped several subs to knitting magazines and the few remaining include VK. Well, if it continues in the same vein as the new winter issue, I won't be renewing. I should have realized it was bad from the beginning when there were two covers! On top of the regular cover they had put another one with Lion brand. Most of the patterns inside use bulky yarns and many are designed by Mari Lynn Patrick who I believe is related to the editor. I don't think most Americans with indoor heating can even wear such warm sweaters inside and certainly I can't here in Israel so that alone would stop me from knitting them. This issue says it is all modern classics. Well, a lot of the patterns call for very expensive yarns some of which are doubled and of course an older knitter knows she can buy a cheaper yarn to substitute. There are lots of silly patterns no one would ever knit like #6 a shrug by Patrick and #21 a mitered skirt or #27 also by Patrick which is an aran skirt.
The arans are all seriously lacking in commonsense. Several use bulky yarns and several have lots of bobbles. #9 which is fairly nice by Gaughan, is just plain uninteresting. #12 by Kathy Zimmerman is a cropped cardi in a bulky yarn with a very strange neckline. #14 by Patrick is a cape which actually might be useful. I wonder if anyone will knit it.
There are several excellent designers in this issue but they all seem to have had an off day for this issue. I have to blame the talented editorial staff.
Whoever listed the yarns by weight on top of each written pattern obviously is not a knitter as #13 which is Montera yarn is listed as being #4 in weights or a worsted which it isn't. That is just one example of several.
Some really ugly patterns are also in this issue: example is #25 by Sasha Kagan who is normally very good with colors but the picture is nauseating. #26 is the only decent sweater in the whole collection. #29 by Shirley Paden who is also an excellent designer lacks any good qualities. It's a fairisle in pink and blue and for some reason the front zipper is broken in the picture and it sports a huge collar over this vest. Something seriously wrong with it for sure. #32 by Mably uses Rowan Summer tweed and would be good if it were in a spring or summer issue. The scarf set across from it is one of those simple things that should have been put into their other magazine. #36 by Mably of a hat and scarf set is the second decent pattern in this magazine where the ads are a lot more interesting than the patterns.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Russian netted necklace from Olive

I had problems in the center. Can you find the mistakes? let me know, ok? Next one maybe using bugles.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tunisian crochet

I enjoy Tunisian crochet and have taken some leftovers to make another afghan. Well, when I reached the point where I didn't have enough of either color to do one square, I did them in rows and this is the result. Actually, it's the simple stitch and checking one of my books, of course I found it right away. I think it would also make a lovely sweater, perhaps done in several colors in alternating rows. Tunisian stitch is easy and makes a nice tight fabric which is warm and also can be embroidered later with cross stitch. It is also called the afghan stitch. There are specially longer hooks one can buy. I have one in bamboo from the far East which is great. I'm also working another afghan called Zigzag from a new afghan book and part of the afghan is done in this stitch but with only 15 sts so I can use a regular length hook. Does anyone know how to find size 4.5mm in a regular length? I have one and don't know who made it but would love more in that size. Seems like hooks skip over it going from 4.25 to 5.00.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fab '50s

Glenda Payseno's bracelet from the Bead and button easy bead-woven bracelets. Very nice with crystals and triangle beads. Length of thread called for 50" too much.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Crystal cuff

This is from Bead & Button's Easy bead-woven bracelets by Anna Nehs. It uses wire plus crystals and beads. Very simple and actually boring but doesn't need a clasp which is interesting.

Monday, January 09, 2006

peyote bracelet

For this two step peyote I dropped bead sizes to a 10 for the base and then even smaller for the side trim. It fits nice and I'm pleased with the stitch. I also tried it out on a larger bead and it was awful so I think to get it tight one needs small beads or delicas that fit together.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lucy's purple

This is a 2 drop peyote stitch. I used inexpensive beads of the approx size called for in the pattern from Beadwork creates bracelets. I found that this stitch was extremely loose possibly due to the beads or the thread I used but not entirely. The pattern called for embellishment and I added a bit more as the bracelet needed it. However, it is very pleasant to wear and the peyote stitch is great fun. I used c-lon.
I started it again with different beads and discovered a mistake on row 1. You should string 8 beads on the first row and not 10 beads. But now I'm wondering if the beads shouldn't be size 10 instead of size 8.
I got more new books today: Bead and button: Easy beadwoven bracelets which is really terrific. I hope to make most of them and many were not in the magazine. Also their Making wire jewelry which at this point looks less interesting. Harte, Beading beautiful costume jewelry. This appears to be mainly netting. Her instructions are a puzzlement but the pictures show really beautiful pieces. Blizzard, Beads for all seasons. This is a compilation from Annie's attic and may be some kind of cousin to the magazine Simply beads but I was disappointed on first view as everything is so simple.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Burnham Crystal greens

I have such wonderful bead books. Stephanie Burnham recently published "100 beaded jewelry designs" (Interweave Press) and this one is her choker called Crystal greens. There is a slight error in the instructions and I used fireline 4 but next time might try wires.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rypan netted diamonds

Published in Step by step beads for Jan/Feb 2006. Maria has succeeded in making the classic netted necklace in one step instead of 3 although it still was a 5-day necklace project. I used size 11 beads and my friend Tami told me she tried it with larger beads and it wasn't a success. She also pointed out a mistake in the chart on the yellow section on the right side as the chart is not symmetrical as published although the actual picture of the necklace looks fine. She also is making it now in same size beads as I did but in different colors and I'm waiting to see it. This is a
great necklace which deserves to be made again.