Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lucy's purple

This is a 2 drop peyote stitch. I used inexpensive beads of the approx size called for in the pattern from Beadwork creates bracelets. I found that this stitch was extremely loose possibly due to the beads or the thread I used but not entirely. The pattern called for embellishment and I added a bit more as the bracelet needed it. However, it is very pleasant to wear and the peyote stitch is great fun. I used c-lon.
I started it again with different beads and discovered a mistake on row 1. You should string 8 beads on the first row and not 10 beads. But now I'm wondering if the beads shouldn't be size 10 instead of size 8.
I got more new books today: Bead and button: Easy beadwoven bracelets which is really terrific. I hope to make most of them and many were not in the magazine. Also their Making wire jewelry which at this point looks less interesting. Harte, Beading beautiful costume jewelry. This appears to be mainly netting. Her instructions are a puzzlement but the pictures show really beautiful pieces. Blizzard, Beads for all seasons. This is a compilation from Annie's attic and may be some kind of cousin to the magazine Simply beads but I was disappointed on first view as everything is so simple.

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