Thursday, January 26, 2006

winter vk

I have stopped several subs to knitting magazines and the few remaining include VK. Well, if it continues in the same vein as the new winter issue, I won't be renewing. I should have realized it was bad from the beginning when there were two covers! On top of the regular cover they had put another one with Lion brand. Most of the patterns inside use bulky yarns and many are designed by Mari Lynn Patrick who I believe is related to the editor. I don't think most Americans with indoor heating can even wear such warm sweaters inside and certainly I can't here in Israel so that alone would stop me from knitting them. This issue says it is all modern classics. Well, a lot of the patterns call for very expensive yarns some of which are doubled and of course an older knitter knows she can buy a cheaper yarn to substitute. There are lots of silly patterns no one would ever knit like #6 a shrug by Patrick and #21 a mitered skirt or #27 also by Patrick which is an aran skirt.
The arans are all seriously lacking in commonsense. Several use bulky yarns and several have lots of bobbles. #9 which is fairly nice by Gaughan, is just plain uninteresting. #12 by Kathy Zimmerman is a cropped cardi in a bulky yarn with a very strange neckline. #14 by Patrick is a cape which actually might be useful. I wonder if anyone will knit it.
There are several excellent designers in this issue but they all seem to have had an off day for this issue. I have to blame the talented editorial staff.
Whoever listed the yarns by weight on top of each written pattern obviously is not a knitter as #13 which is Montera yarn is listed as being #4 in weights or a worsted which it isn't. That is just one example of several.
Some really ugly patterns are also in this issue: example is #25 by Sasha Kagan who is normally very good with colors but the picture is nauseating. #26 is the only decent sweater in the whole collection. #29 by Shirley Paden who is also an excellent designer lacks any good qualities. It's a fairisle in pink and blue and for some reason the front zipper is broken in the picture and it sports a huge collar over this vest. Something seriously wrong with it for sure. #32 by Mably uses Rowan Summer tweed and would be good if it were in a spring or summer issue. The scarf set across from it is one of those simple things that should have been put into their other magazine. #36 by Mably of a hat and scarf set is the second decent pattern in this magazine where the ads are a lot more interesting than the patterns.

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