Tuesday, July 05, 2011

some russian spirals

I have the white russian book but yesterday I learned two more of the Russian spirals. The first one which is really pretty is to use size 11 beads plus two bigger ones which could be crysals or 8s. A good combination is a dark color for the 11s plus two lighter ones which should be about the same size. Start with a circle of 7 beads of size 11. go through again. Then add 3 eleven plus one of the other beads. Continue again on next second bead, etc. On following rows, you add 3 of the eleven beads plus one of the others into the last of the eleven beads just before the larger one and you alternate the larger beads each time you add. Tighter tension is good. I use a nylon bead thread. There will be 4 large beads on the outer row at the top.

The second Russian spiral is easier with just 2 colors. Start with 9 beads: First bead of one color and then two beads of next color a nd repeat for total of 9 beads. Then on next row add the two smaller beads (size 11) plus one of the larger one into the smaller bead after the larger one on previous row. so the beads will be arranged large, 2 small a nd you enter the first of the small beads coming out between the two small beads. Keep a tight tension here. The top row will have 3 large beads at the top. This spiral is narrower than the top one and better for a bracelet or bangle.