Wednesday, August 26, 2009

zigzag chain

I gave away my zigzag necklace and when I got home I discovered I couldn't find my instructions as it makes a nice simple necklace with beads and 4mm Swarovski crystals. So I pulled out the Goodhue book and found on p.44 lots of zigzags but not the one I wanted. So then I started to bead. I remembered there were 3 beads sitting across from my crystal and you need to return to the last seed bead again always working up. The crystals sit first on the left and then on the right side with the seed beads zigzagging between them. What I did was to first make a circle of 9 beads with a good knot and go through again. Then I added 3 sb and one crystal and returned to the last sb on the circle. Next I added 3 more sb and 1 crystal and continued to return to t he sb before that and t hen going on through the 3sbs I just added. Seems to be ok.