Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Book published by Kangaroo in Australia in 1993. ISBN 0-86417-554-X
Good luck finding it!

entrelac shawl started

This entrelac shawl is done in a different way from most entrelacs because it begins at the v with a rectangle, in this case of 10 sts. Every row adds 1 or 2 rectangles. So far there are no triangles but the last row will be triangles plus some kind of edging as the edges are a bit raggedy. The yarns are Brown Sheep worsted plus the main color is teal c olor from Himalaya yarn co in the Tibet yarn which is 50% silk/ 50% wool. I picked up the idea from a few different books and saw a picture of an entrelac shawl on the jojoland site. Looks like it will be a pretty fast project which is good because winter seems to be nearly over here.

Color of handpainted yarn

The colors from left to right are: coral rojo, amazonas, blue cielo, thistle on top and lago del bosque on the bottom.

It's here!

Two deliverymen carried my little package to me. Tney told me that if it had come just from Europe, I would have gotten it within a day. It arrived before I had even finished the previous blog entry!

Handpainted yarn from Uruguay

I'm following the tracking of a shipment on DHL from Montivideo, Uruguay to me in Israel of handpainted yarn. It left Uruguay on the 16th of Feb and reached Cologne, Germany on the 19th. That day it got to Brussels in Belgium. On the 20th it reached Bergamo in Italy and late in the night arrived in Tel Aviv where it was sent to customs. Today, the 21st, it has left customs and should reach me by the end of the day. When it arrives I will take a picture. This is so exciting for me.

Meanwhile I've started an entrelac shawl in some yarn sent to me as a gift by Carol in the teal color. It's Tibet from the Himalayan yarn co which is 50% silk/ 50% wool. I'm using two books to help me design this plus I was inspired by a picture I saw on a site of jojoland of such a shawl. The new Elaine Eskesen book on Silk knits has a cover picture which uses the teal color which is what I have plus other brighter colors. I decided to use the teal as my mc along with stash yarns mainly of the Brown Sheep worsted yarns. Then Brenda Horne's book :Enjoy entrelac knitting (1993) has instructions to make a small purse and I have taken that as the base to make this shawl. I will have to add triangles at the top row and do some kind of edging also.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Armagh is the Starmore sweater in her Celtic collection. I used Jaggerspun Maine dk (colors are black and royal) instead of the Rowan in the pattern. I decided to knit the sleeves separately knitting them from the ribbing up to the armcycle, so I got help from the fairisle email group who suggested I use the 3 needle bind-off to attach the sleeves to the body. It took me many hours but I'm happy with the result. I made the sleeves a bit longer as I'm gifting it to a wonderful woman/doctor who helped me solve a medical problem after my medical group came up with a really awful ultrasound that was very scary but turned out to be just fine at the end. Looks like I'll be around to finish a few more AS sweaters!
I also have decided I've been knitting the sweaters for myself too big. I lost over 10 kilo this past year but I didn't change my knitting size and I finally realized that my raglans are coming out much bigger than I need. So now I've started to change that and on the needles is a raglan that is about 4" less in the body and the sleeves will also be about 1" less and I think I'll also knit less rows before I begin the raglan shaping. If it works then I can knit the Mountain Colors yarn I recently bought which is just stunning.