Wednesday, February 21, 2007

entrelac shawl started

This entrelac shawl is done in a different way from most entrelacs because it begins at the v with a rectangle, in this case of 10 sts. Every row adds 1 or 2 rectangles. So far there are no triangles but the last row will be triangles plus some kind of edging as the edges are a bit raggedy. The yarns are Brown Sheep worsted plus the main color is teal c olor from Himalaya yarn co in the Tibet yarn which is 50% silk/ 50% wool. I picked up the idea from a few different books and saw a picture of an entrelac shawl on the jojoland site. Looks like it will be a pretty fast project which is good because winter seems to be nearly over here.

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Siow Chin said...

This is an interesting construction. I've been wanting to try some entrelac too.