Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Books on broomstick lace

I promised a list of what I've got here on broomstick lace. I just received the newest book or pamphlet actually. "Broomstick crochet fashions" by Margaret Helen Wilkes. This is 32 pages paperback published by Search Press in 1986. ISBN 0 85532 591 7

I bought it on ABE which is a good source for used or op books. There are 7 patterns with color photos. Actually the stitch is always the same. She apparently owned something she wanted to sell to the public so she called it the Whizz Pin. She says in her instructions what size pin to use. She has a 25mm, and a 20mm. The crochet hook varies from 4mm to 7mm hook. Her materials go from mohair to aran yarns.
For her patterns she gives a stitch tension of one pattern which equals 1 inch.
In her step by step instructions which is illustrated, she suggests holding the whizz pin firmly between your knees. She calls for working 5 sts together and using double crochet but since this is English, it means single crochet. She also does not pull all the loops off t he pin at once but only 5 at a time (if you've watched youtube, you've seen Jennifer take them all off at once).
At the time this booklet was written, everything was oversized so you'd probably want to correct for that one.
Wilkes also did another book on regular crochet which I might buy sometime.
Ann Stearns, Batsford book of crochet, c1981. ISBN 0 7134 3312 4
on p. 37 she has something called extended stitch crochet patterns using a large wooden knitting needle or other suitable gauge. She works her loops by putting this large needle behind her hook and yarn and then working a sc over this needle. She then removes the knitting needle and turns the work. She then works the loops together 2, 3, 4 or 5 loops together.
I am not sure she was successful as she doesn't give project for anything in her book. She does have a chapter devoted to something called Turkish crochet as she went there to learn it.

Interweave crochet has 2 issues for which I found patterns: fall 2007 and summer 2009.
I bought by luck one issue of Crochet fantasy for summer 2005 # 181 and this was a goldmine of info on this stitch. pages 22-37. If you have this issue enough said, but if someone wants more info I'll be glad to oblige.

Leisure arts, The afghan book #63. Back cover has the afghan and it calls for a size 50 needle. Very nice item. designed by Marion Graham

McCalls afghan collection (so old the cover is missing so I don't know which one it was) but on p.30 there's a pretty afghan using 6 colors of Bear brand yarn and a size 50 pin. It works off 5 loops for each one. This is the booklet with some nice American flag afghans.

Bernat Treasury of afghans book #246. page 14 Uses 3 colors of Bernat yarn and size 50 needle. It uses 5 loops together and repeats two rows for each color.

Unger afghans vol 128. Uses Unger lovely in 3 colors and size 50 needle. Yarn is doubled and 5 loops are worked together.

Anyone have any more patterns?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

from Jean Powers pattern

This took me two weeks of pretty intensive beading. I had some vision problems from my cataracts and also had to learn how to manipulate the thread which wanted to go elsewhere. I followed her instructions exactly and plan on making this next time as a necklace. Since it does go over my hand but feels a bit big, I might make it smaller next time.