Monday, September 27, 2010

Finished knit projects

Not been doing any fairisles lately, but I think finishing two Kaffe Fassett sweaters make up for it. Right now they're drying but later I'll have pictures. One was in VK Fall 03 and consisted of knitting st st and garter st from sleeve to sleeve changing colors every row or so. lots of ends to sew in and quite a big job. I started it several years back using my Rowan glace mainly. The many colors are in the autumn and red color zone. with some blues and lavendar stuff to change it a bit. The other one Rowan magazine 31, Smoulder, was a more traditional big stripe thing knit from the bottom uo and I changed it from a raglan ( not really sure why I did th at) to a set-in sleeve. It's a cardi and the first one is a pullover which also included doing hems and a sc trim around the neck. For that one (the first one) I really had to pull out all my bag of tricks because at one point I had to cut off an extra amount when I had originally started it for my daughter. I used the Norwegian sewing thing trick. I'm quite proud of it.
I also finished a baby surprise and a small cardi in cotton for my little gd. this second one was with cables and my own design. I'm now at work on the Szabo Cross-country aran Twists and Turns, summer 01, which I made once before in Reynolds Cantata (long discontinued) in an off-white and this time in a very pretty cornflower blue. Also on the needles is a gorgeous absolutely great item for knitters. It's a cable and lace cardi using shetland stitches and this is a pattern from the Bliss Traditional knitting from the Scottish and Irish isles which also has some very nice fairisles. I'm knitting it in a kind of dull pink in a Jaeger dk weight yarn and it's done in one piece up to the armholes. Really great fun to knit,
also on the needles is Fiesta by Irene York which is a side to side cotton top with short sleeves. Again I'm now making this second time around with different yarns. I also have an entrelac in a Noro yarn which will probably have sleeves as it looks like I've got enough yarn for it.
I've started some other projects but they will come out when these get finished. Oh, I'm also working on a small baby cardi from the VK toddler knits books.
But my great hope is that this winter I'll be working on fairisles again from my big stash. They're are several ufos to begin with.