Saturday, December 10, 2011

Original Tila herringbone necklace

I submitted this to Beadwork and it was rejected. It uses herringbone and Tila beads in ladder stitch.

Roberti bracelet

Russian spiral

Tila bracelet

My adaptation of a design by Jane Cruz and which can be downloaded from the Bead a nd button website. I used 3mm crystals instead of pearls.

own necklace design

Skobel necklace

can be found online.

Cube bead bracelets

Tami was wearing a bracelet like this an d it seemed a great design for using up my 4mm cube beads.

Cape by Gaughan from Wrap style

Great for keeping warm at night in bed! Slalom aran wool was used and it is a bit heavier than that called for in the pattern.

details of sweater below. neck and inside pocket

Edwardian day coat by Oberle

This was started a year ago. I made several changes. Yarn was Galway worsted which is warm so I changed the v neck to a round one without her collar. I added after thought pockets which were knitted to the inside bottom with the 3 needle bind off after unpicking one stitch to begin the pocket. I am wary of her instructions to change needle size to get the gauge as it doesn't work for me. The pattern is quite lovely but at one point I was sure I had made a serious mistake only turned out I was wr ong on that.

Beadwork triangle bracelet

This is from the June 2011 Beadwork issue and I changed it at the end by adding Swarowski size 4 crystals in the center holes. The instructions as written are not correct.

Tila necklace

Design from Beadwork Oct 2011. I changed the bottom from 9 drops to 7 as forgot to buy 9. It's pretty easy and could make a nice bracelet with a small change. the new booklet from Bead a nd Button has a nice bracelet which looks like the bracelet adaptation I had in mind. And it has crystals. Have to make that one soon