Saturday, February 05, 2011


I saw the new movie Burlesque with Cher last night and it was quite an enjoyable experience with lots of songs and dancing and a kind of silly plot which held everything together and Cher can still really sing.

Daisy stitch variation

For an 8-bead daisy:
pick up 4 beads plus center bead(s) and go back into first stitch. Pick up 4 beads and enter the last bead of the first 4 picked up at beginning, Then pick up 4 more beads plus center bead and enter from reverse the last bead of the previous 4 beads. Pick up another 4 beads and enter the bead just after the center bead in the previous stitch. this continues to as long as wanted. It makes a very good lariat. Picture of work in Beadworkers guild Intro to beadwork, bracelets. I sold this one at the Dead Sea and decided to make more using a lot of older beads I didn't know what to do with. It's mindless beading and fast.

Dead Sea

I just returned from the dead sea with a group of Israeli pensioners. We stayed at the Hod Hamidbar which has its own entry to the sea and is the only one there like that. The hotel is modest and not too modern but I found everything I needed. It has its own spa which includes a special indoor pool with jacuzzi and lots of different massages. I didn't like that pool as I found the bottom very slippery a nd the water is full of sulfur which I also didn't enjoy. The food was fine and plentiful. Every night we had a different singer and the public enjoyed dancing til midnight. I would go across the street to the Aroma restaurant which had free WI-FI as the hotel was charging $9 for using a computer. In the afternoon I sat in the lobby and did my beading and sold a bit too. Then watched the dancing and later I kibbitzed at a bridge game every night. I would like to return as it was very peaceful and our room was fine, I also did some beading in the lobby and sold a few pieces but for less than I should have taken.

my brownie recipe

This recipe came about when I made a mistake!
grease and flour 13x9" pan and oven at 350 deg
3 squares unsweetened chocolate
100 grams bittersweet choc
150 grams butter unsalted
1 tbsp cocoa
2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 cup flour
2 tsp vanilla
Melt butter and chocolates. beat the eggs and add sugar. then add choc mixture. add flour and vanilla and can add nuts optional. bake until done. about 22-25 minutes.