Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

getting back to beading

SEveral months with no beading means my fingers have lost their capability. So now I  can bead again and I'm starting by trying to bead easier projects such as cube beads. I have several nice patterns I've downloaded from Carole Ohl and Deb Roberti so these are the ones I'm working on. I also am thinking that I have to use up my cube beads now as there don't seem to be a ny patterns coming out for them. Instead we're getting Tila beads and other two hole beads. But eventually I want to start using my Delica beads and make some bracelets which I've made before and then into the bead boxes by Julia Pretl.
   The reasons I wasn't beading are a few. Mainly though I want to bead in direct sunlight and since November, I've had to keep all my shutters closed as they are renovating the building outside. But finally they opened them up for me. The other reason was traveling and I just didn't have the r ight light there. I saw my optometrist and my eye dr and there's nothing wrong with my eyes. So now the main problem is to get my fingers more flexible.

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