Monday, February 19, 2007


Armagh is the Starmore sweater in her Celtic collection. I used Jaggerspun Maine dk (colors are black and royal) instead of the Rowan in the pattern. I decided to knit the sleeves separately knitting them from the ribbing up to the armcycle, so I got help from the fairisle email group who suggested I use the 3 needle bind-off to attach the sleeves to the body. It took me many hours but I'm happy with the result. I made the sleeves a bit longer as I'm gifting it to a wonderful woman/doctor who helped me solve a medical problem after my medical group came up with a really awful ultrasound that was very scary but turned out to be just fine at the end. Looks like I'll be around to finish a few more AS sweaters!
I also have decided I've been knitting the sweaters for myself too big. I lost over 10 kilo this past year but I didn't change my knitting size and I finally realized that my raglans are coming out much bigger than I need. So now I've started to change that and on the needles is a raglan that is about 4" less in the body and the sleeves will also be about 1" less and I think I'll also knit less rows before I begin the raglan shaping. If it works then I can knit the Mountain Colors yarn I recently bought which is just stunning.


Lynn said...

What a beautiful piece of workmanship! You are a very accomplished knitter in my book. I have not done anything this complicated, but do knit with color once in a while. Just wanted to add I enjoy your blog and love your pictures.

AnneB said...

Wonderful sweater and looks like the time to do the 3 needle bind off was well worth it. Enjoy your blog.

Lori said...

That is just gorgeous! Great job! I'm inspired!

Knitman said...

This is beautiful. Love the colourway.
Did you knit the body in the round?
I note you knit the sleeves separately. Did you then purl?
I am just teachign myself to knit FI and am undecided as to how I will proceed as yet.


momrandav said...

hi, I would love the directions for the triangular entrelac shawl from thr bottom up. starting with one rectangle and adding in size as you continue. I have done an lady eleanor but can't figure out how to do this. thanks. what a clever idea to do it this way. thanks