Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tunisian crochet

I enjoy Tunisian crochet and have taken some leftovers to make another afghan. Well, when I reached the point where I didn't have enough of either color to do one square, I did them in rows and this is the result. Actually, it's the simple stitch and checking one of my books, of course I found it right away. I think it would also make a lovely sweater, perhaps done in several colors in alternating rows. Tunisian stitch is easy and makes a nice tight fabric which is warm and also can be embroidered later with cross stitch. It is also called the afghan stitch. There are specially longer hooks one can buy. I have one in bamboo from the far East which is great. I'm also working another afghan called Zigzag from a new afghan book and part of the afghan is done in this stitch but with only 15 sts so I can use a regular length hook. Does anyone know how to find size 4.5mm in a regular length? I have one and don't know who made it but would love more in that size. Seems like hooks skip over it going from 4.25 to 5.00.

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