Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hongkong again (notice the fi sweater from Sweaters from camp)

I recently returned from 5 weeks in the far east mainly in Hongkong visiting my daughter and little Asya. I also went to see my son in Jakarta and together we had a great weekend in Bali in Ubud. Along the way I passed through Singapore for a very intense 4 hour bead shopping spree and from Hongkong I spent another weekend in China also with about 4 hours in a huge bead center. Also found beads in Kowloon and bought a few nice Japanese yarns and knitting books. I saw my HK knitting friends too and also Tanti in Jakarta. Back again in Israel I was greeted warmly by Joseph who invited me for a great weekend up in Tiberias at the Scottish Hotel which is a nice adult hotel with lectures and tours. It felt like being out of the country but I did find the dates I wanted which grow nearby. The weather was mild with no rain and we saw an interesting sight of many religious Jews praying for rain. It didn't arrive but now it looks to be on the way. And when that happens the supermarket is very crowded with people stocking up with about 2 months of food! Very strange for a Minnesota girl to see that. I just bought some veggies and stuff for a Chinese meal.
I'm trying to eliminate some of my yarn and bead stash these days giving away the materials I probably will never use.
My breast cancer returned again but I'm still lucky. After nearly 33 years of a close relationship with this malady, the best oncologist here told me to take a hormone and return in 6 months. So life is good. My daughter asked me if I plan to do more medical tests an d I responded there isn't much left that I haven't done this year. It's nice to just relax and worry about finding those little Delica beads under the table! I've gotten new beading books with things that are new to me and I'm looking forward to working my way through them and making some really nice stuff with my new collection of delica and Swarowski beads.


tanti said...

Happy Hanukah to you and family ;-)
Btw, if you have some yarns in mind to give it away, may I take a look? he.. he..
Keep your spirit high, love and hugs from Jakarta! ;-)

Siow Chin said...

I'll be thinking of you and I just love your spirit! Tracking down those beads is the way to go!