Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Singapore bead books

This book by Jestina M. Hong, Enchanting handmade jewellery (isbn 981-05-2501-x) publisher Abblizzio Creation. www. abblizzio.com has 100 designs with 70 graphically illustrated. 3 methods are used: stringing, looping, and wiring. Everything with Swarowski crystals. Instructions in English with everything charted out as in the Japanese books. No beadweaving however. There are lots of nice photos showing the items and a total of 159 pages in this hardbound book which was published in 2005. It is for sale only in Singapore at Borders there and at some of the local beadstores. I also saw it at the Singapore national library and it is the only book in its category and is cataloged there in the rare books section for Singapore crafts. I didn't buy it in 2005 because it was about $40 US and I thought I might find it on Amazon but no such luck.
While there this time I was in luck as her second book appeared.

Wonderful handmade jewellery ISBN 978-981-05-8461-0
This large sized paperback is 116 pages and has a lot of interesting advs from Singapore beadstores. No necklaces but lots of earrings, bracelets and rings. Same type of beading and using Swarowski and pearls. Price is 29.90 in Singapore dollars and I bought it at Mix & match at the People's park centre.

While in Singapore I was looking for a bead centre but what I found were a few centers plus other stores scattered around. Arab Street is one center with many stores but mainly they sell Indian beads. Since I was walking around feeling ill after Bali, I didn't do much checking but I think Swarowski were also there.

However I got to the Golden dragon in the People's Park centre and on the way to it I passed a few other beadstores including Mix n match where I found this second book. The Golden dragon sells Delica but only the original size 11 and lots of Swarowski. I was able to get the VAT removed (7%). The other stores sell Swarowski and other beads and supplies. Including some nice storage plastic containers and various books. I also found Sheilah Cleary's second book there and bought it. One item I bought everywhere I went were the ball and socket clasps made in China.

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