Friday, March 10, 2006

McCalls capes

Aren't these great? I want to make the one on the left but I'm running out of winter time. Both appeared in the old McCalls. Fall-Winter 71/2 for the one on the left and spring/summer 1975 for the one with the bobbles. I think a worsted wt yarn will work on both of them.


Siow Chin said...

The one on the left is really nice! I like that very much too. Has it got slits for the arms like the other one with the bobbles?

Meg in Alabama said...

Thanks for the blast from the past, Marian. I made the bobbles cape for my mother-in-law the year before I married her son -- 1975. She wore it to death. I'm pretty sure I made mine with Brunswick Germantown, so a worsted weight wool of today would work fine.