Monday, June 12, 2006

Japanese bead books

I'm listing here information about the new beadbooks I just ordered from If you enter the ISBN # on their search page, the book will come up and also the prices in yen so I won't give them here but I will add a bit more about the author and what I think now about the book. Obviously you can also find these books in Japanese bookstores but it's just easiest for me to use Also most of these books ordered from Amazon had reader comments giving them 5 stars.
Here goes:
1)Brilliant beads jewellery for celebrations by Yoko. ISBN 4408626937 c2004
necklaces, bracelets, hairpins, wedding crown, etc.
2)Beads accessory by Uta Ohno. c2001 ISBN4091033792 includes crocheted items with beads.
3)Graceful beads jewelry by Takako Akaki and Megumi Yamanaka, c2003 ISBN 4277471811
necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings, cell phone straps, purses, eyeglass chain / 82 projects.
4)Perle veneziane c2002. ISBN4529037479 Czech and Austrian beads showcased. In addition to usual stuff, several nice watches.highly recommend this one.
5)Bohemian beads c2003 ISBN4529038572 There are 65 projects and it is just gorgeous. Includes all kinds plus watch bands, cell phone straps and has nice pictures of the industry and the beads used. also high recommendation for this one.

That was my most recent order. Now the previous order:
1) 100 beads jewelry New York style by Mika tsukamoto, c2003 ISBN4529038394
100 projects with lots of "pin work" using jump rings, eyepins, etc. Plenty of all sorts of projects.
2)Fairy bead jewelry by Mika Tsukamoto, c2004 ISBN406211982X
46 projects. Some of the projects illustrated in color and others only in black and white which is harder to follow.
3) author is Kyo Kyuchin, c2005.ISBN4277472001. Lots of "pinwork", some crochet. very nice.
4)My dream of bead jewelry New York style by Mika Tsukamoto, c2004
ISBN4529040364.91 projects.Lots of "pinwork" and some antique style items.
5) author Yumiko Akutagawa, c2003 ISBN4062117916 "Pinwork" projects. very pretty.
6)Victorian style beads jewelry by Mika Tsukamoto, c2002 ISBN4529036928
antique looking, "pinwork", bridal pieces. very lovely. 62 projects.

I bought a bead book in Tokyo before I started to bead:
Beads lesson book by IIjima Midori c2003. ISBN407239310X This book has more photos showing how to do the various projects but none of them are very nice looking.

And one book I bought in Singapore called:
Bead embroidery by Takeko Kuriyama c2003. ISBN4579109740 Regular bead embroidery with lovely photos and good illustrated instructions. If you do this work, this is a really nice book to own. Doesn't go into tambour beading.

One pointer: all of the books have information on how to do the jewelry and also illustrate the tools and beads needed and most also give the size of the beads and some even show the beads in different colors on the chart with a key so you really can figure out what goes where. This work is not the American/English beadweaving but more of the French kind of work but using either the nylon without a needle or the wire. Needles are not used.

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