Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Today was our Independence Day and Tami and I decided to bead together and it was lots of fun. Anyway, I have two looms so we ended up each making a bracelet from
"Bracelet bonanza" which is a very easy book for this. I used Czech size 8 beads I brought back from Capetown after Steven Long convinced me that Czech beads are excellent for their quality and colors and I am just delighted with the sparkle of these colors. However, I am not yet pleased with my technique. For this one, I ended up sewing in all the warps and used a big eye needle. But there are other ways to try.

I've been buying more books again. In knitting the big ones were the Janet Szabo Aran knitting book and the new Norah Gaughan which is quite geometric and math oriented. Both are definitely good additions to my growing collection. I keep looking at my poncho books because I see several ponchos or wraps that I want to make however most of them use winter yarns so there's going to be a long hiatus first.

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