Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dallas "Perkins"

This is from Yorkshire Fable and is by Sarah Dallas. The pattern came out in 2003 and that's when I bought the yarn too. So only 3 years to fo isn't bad. Rowan Yorkshire tweed dk is the yarn. I enjoyed knitting with it and I think it'll be great to wear also. Not too warm. I didn't know until the end if this one would fit. It was that big a problem. First of all I decided to knit the body in one piece so I'd have less ends to sew in. But I wasn't sure of my gauge because of the crochet added after the knitting. So I knit up an entire sleeve first and added the crochet to get the right gauge. I had to make changes then in the pattern as my gauge wasn't the pattern's. However unlike the fairisle vest below, the buttonhole section was great to do and I found nice buttons as well. However, I hope never to knit such a complicated sweater again. Just too much fiddling and uncertainty for me.

One of the big problems was the bottom section in a lacey stitch which is supposed to be sewn on at the end. I didn't do that which was a mistake because I got a nasty ridge between that and the rest of the sweater so I added a line of embroidery chain stitch to hide it. The crocheting at the end pulls out the gauge a lot so I was correct in making a sleeve first or else it never would have been finished. Whew!

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