Thursday, November 02, 2006

Square stitch bracelet and fairisle vest

This is a simple one. All you need to know is how to do square stitch which is an easy beadweaving stitch. I used 4x4 cubes I bought from Gloria at Bo-gal. Then I embellished it with some pretty triangle beads from her. Again very easy to do. The only problem with cube beads is that except for brick and square stitch you can't do much with them and they're also heavier than the usual seed beads. But I really bought some gorgeous ones which I intend to make into bracelets. There's a really nice on in brick stitch from the book by Fitzgerald and a few in some bracelet compilations from Bead and button. If anyone knows of others, I'd like to know about them.

I'm also busy knitting up a vest for my xl size son using Rowan yarns I ordered from England. Design is Dotty from Rowan 40 by Kaffe Fassett and it is a very easy fairisle to make. I like his idea of using a vareigated yarn on the pattern with a contrasting plain background yarn. Back is finished and when the rest is done I'll take a picture, maybe with my son wearing it. He's somewhere far away but says sometime this month he'll be passing my way.

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