Friday, February 24, 2006

my entrelac

I bought this lovely alpaca yarn at John Lewis in London some years back and it was a challenge as I had to buy what was still there. It's yarn from Finland. Originally I thought it would be a fairisle vest, but then back home I felt it would be too warm that way so next idea was an entrelac vest using the 5 colors, and I had only one ball of two of the colors: white and black. Anyway, I finished the front and back a nd then didn't know how to proceed so it went into t he wip pile for a few years. Well, I pulled it out recently and when I flipped it upside down, I saw that if I could remove the center triangle, that would be enough for most of t he neckline. Did that and picked up stitches to add a bit for the shoulders. I then discovered I still had 3 balls (total was 11) and I thought I could squeeze out a pair of striped sleeves with the 3 remaining colors. I finished with just a few yards left.
The bottom was started as a ribbing, but I didn't like it because it was pulling in and the sweater didn't need the length, so I redid that section with 2 rows of sc.
Every now and then the entrelac bug hits me.
Weather this week is really hot so I'm moving now into the fairisle wips and next to be done only needs a little final sewing. It's been waiting nearly a year!

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