Thursday, June 30, 2005


I'm working on Luskentyre again. I must have started it several years ago and last year I actually got past the armholes. At this point in time, I might finish the neck today and then do the ribbing around the neck. This turned out to be a tough fairisle because of the colors which are pastel and the pattern, which is a bit hard to see, because of the pale colors. However it is gorgeous.

I made the larger size for 45" but at the time I started I didn't understand that I get a gauge of 7 sts= 1 inch no matter what I do. Therefore it's coming out nearer to 52" in width. So it's going to my daughter and since she's tall, I had to add several more inches thus at least one more day of work. However, perhaps the sleeves will need to be shorter. She's arriving in a few days so I'll get to measure her to make it exact.

Luskentyre is one of those really special fairisles which is in the Tomato factory book, the Scottish collection, from Alice and a few others. I actually bought it at the store, I think.

My son is complaining again that he doesn't get enough fairisles. A few knitters in Singapore saw the number of sweaters that came in from storage in LA. He admits that he is suffering only in comparison to his sister who has even more fairisles.


Sharon said...

Can't wait to see pics!! I am also working on Luskentyre and I adore it. I am using J&S and am pretty pleased with it. What are you using???

tanti said...

if my mom can knit like you, i also will ask for more fair isle :)
but since she is great in cooking, so far i am happy i still can manage my weight..:-)

j-jen said...

I'm telling you, Marian, you've spoiled your kids beyond belief. :) Each of them has like, what, 25 sweaters at this point, if not more? Both they and you are wonderfully blessed!

junieann said...

Oh, it is such a lovely sweater. I have had it in stash for just years now. You have reminded me how much I admire that piece. Dear, I hope you have pictures soon. Your kids are really lucky to have you - ooxx j