Monday, June 06, 2005


Yesterday I frogged two ufos: both fairisles. I have finally realized that I get a certain gauge when knitting fairisles and it's best for me to use approx the same # of sts on each of them to get the right width. The first frog was being knit on 3.5mm needles at a rather big gauge for the pattern. However, I was still getting a tighter gauge and I realized after almost reaching the armholes that I needed to add more stitches. So when I reknit it, I will have to compute the whole thing based on my normal gauge with 3mm needles. The second fairisle was being knit on much smaller needles than I prefer and it was coming in very tight. Also I discovered that the beginning garter stitch type section was curling at the bottom so again, this one will be done the way I want to with my preferred size needles getting the usual gauge I usually get. Lesson finally learned, I hope.

Painful. I had put both of them away for nearly a year and finally it was time. Sometimes it's impossible to frog right away; it just has to wait a certain time period.

Today I managed to continue with the cardigan fairisle I had previously frogged and restarted. I'm now past the armhole steeks and moving up fast. I redesigned the whole thing and decided to cast off for the armholes about 2" on each side or 8" total. The first fairisle I designed was done straight up so it'll be interesting for me to see if I like the fit of this one better.

And the chunky raglan is now on the second sleeve with the rest waiting on needles for joining. I get a lot of pleasure now from raglans. I used to hate them as I couldn't figure out how to do them right. But now I am a big fan of J. Fee's book on the subject. In fact I own both editions! My favorite raglans are stripes as I love the way the colors curl around at the top.

I also finished a green bracelet today using both c-lon and superlon threads. What a difference. c-lon is so much better. Superlon is pretty much the same as Nymo, maybe a tiny bit better. But c-lon is much easier to thread the needle and doesn't split and doesn't need wax and doesn't knot. However, it is also thicker and it might not work on everything either. I have found a good source in the states for c-lon. However the bracelet is a tiny bit small for my wrist so I have to gift it to someone. I also want to make it again with delicas. I'm just beginning to use delicas now as I bought a lot in Singapore and they are definitely better than anything else I've got.

My ankle is finally starting to act normal. Still pretty painful here and there; but now with my new sneakers (Brooks) and new insoles specially made for me, walking is starting to be ok again. However, I think I need a refresher course in walking. I'm so slow.

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