Thursday, June 16, 2005


Well, I received an answer from the editor/owner of Inknitters and Crochet fantasy. Here it is:
Dear Ms. Poller,

After several tries to get an uncorrupt foreign subscription file from
the previous subscription company, we have just gotten that worked out.
Issues 180 & 181 of CF were mailed last week. It generally takes 6-8
weeks for international magazines to arrive. As far as INKnitters, and
renewing your CF after it expires with issue 185, I just refuse to
handle international orders. They require 2-3 times more work in the
office to get to the postoffice and then we have a high theft/loss

Diane Piwko

I am extremely annoyed and have mailed this onwards to the crochetpartners list and to the big knitlist and also to the little one. I think there are enough "foreigners" on those lists to get together on this one. The only magazines I ever have trouble getting are some of the bead ones because they put their magazines in clear see-through covers so they get ripped off before they reach me. This has never happened to anything on knitting or crocheting.

WEll, the knitlist (the big one) just refused to print my letter to the members. I'm not surprised. They say there's no knitting content in my letter.


Louise said...

I've contacted them several times about subscribing but never even gotten an answer. And doesn't INK stand for International Network of Knitters? Hah!

Jean said...

Marian, that's outrageous -- both from INKnitters and from the Knitlist. I haven't had anything to do with them since I stopped being a moderator in slightly acrimonious cirumstances, earlier this year.

Do you have Jennifer T's email address? She tried to get in touch recently through my Blog (, but her message arrived in un-answerable format.

All the best, Jean

tanti said...

hi marian,
that's very to the point letter.
perhaps you just switch to other store and subs to other mags.

as for the knitlist, perhaps that's an OT post, however that something can be share to the members!

just take a look at your yarns, your upset will be gone soon :)

j-jen said...

Marian-Have you tried going through the magazine importer here, World of Magazines (formerly Michele)in Batzra? I would give them a try and see what happens.