Saturday, June 18, 2005

making progress

Well, I'm working on the fairisle again. I finished the first sleeve and immediately picked up sts around the armhole for t he next one. The first sleeve came out much better than I deserve and pity I don't have a picture; but I'll get one of the fo. And there is a 7 stitch steek in the center front. Usually I've done 9 or 10 sts there, but thought I'd go for less.

Next step is going to be making my own designs not just using other people's designs so I've ordered the update to the Stitch and motif maker by Carole Wulster. This is going to be a lot of fun and a new toy for me. Especially nice when it's too hot to knit. And Noah, her son, was so pleasant also. No problem mailing to Israel and the extra postage was $1.20 and this is fast airmail too. And even though my edition is the original in the floppy, he only wants to charge me $30 for the upgrade.

I think I've peyoted out for now. I've made 3 more bracelets and it's time to move on maybe to a close relative: brick stitch.

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