Friday, June 10, 2005

FI body finished

Well, I got a shot of me wearing the fairisle cardigan. The sleeves are still to be knit but it looks ok so far. The blocking will probably enlarge it. I'm not sure it's wide enough and long enough for a cardigan in which case the next one will be designed bigger. I also want to add pockets. The way I make these sweaters is to complete the neck ribbing before I do the sleeves so I can get an accurate measurement for the length as I am fussy on that point. I think the size would be fine for a pullover or a vest but it does seem to be pulling in right now.

Tami dropped in last night and criticized my bead bracelets in Peyote so I have to restart them. She said they have to be much tighter.

I'm trying to swim everyday now and the foot tendon is starting to behave. Last night I walked the hill up to the start of Ramat Hasharon business area and back again. I did have some pain afterwards though. I noticed yesterday at noon when I was walking to my phy therapy appt that the cars were stopping to let me cross the street. This never happens to me when I can walk my usual speed so it means I'm still in trouble. When the cars don't stop anymore then I know I'm ok.

Today I went to a demonstration of jewelry made with wires and crochet and using all kinds of interesting beads. It looks pretty simple so I bought the wire to try.Certainly looks easier than the spiral bead bracelets using crochet.

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junieann said...

Dear Marian:

I love your cardigan. The colors work for you really well. I wouldn't worry that the body feels a little tight. You have bands and blocking to go and when you get it flattened out,it will grow -of you can nudge some width out of it. It will be the perfect size.
Looks great!