Friday, July 15, 2005

topping fairisle

I put Luskentyre away for now after completing the body and neck and deciding it's for me. Just too hot to do the sleeves now. So then I got to work on a fairisle from Candace Strick's first book with Harrisville yarns: her scroll one. It's gorgeous but again way too warm so that went back to the closet. So I'm working still on a vest by Marion Topping in J&S and I have gotten about 11" so far which is about halfway. I find early in the day is the best time to work on it.

For cottons I pulled out something I bought from Irene York years ago and I am happy that it is already 3/4 done. It's a modular top with a lot of ribbon yarns which are just awful to sew in. I have way too many modular stuff in my stash and while it's fun to do, it's all a real effort to sew in all the ends even when I'm able to weave them in while knitting. I still like to sew in a bit anyway especially when it's ribbon.

So beadweaving class is now 2 weeks away and I am really excited. I'm trying to make more jewelry and here are two samples using variations of the Right angle weave stitch or RAW.


junieann said...

Well, I am convinced. I am going to order a kit on Monday.

Love the pattern Marian. You have done a great job. Lovely vest.

AmyS said...

Beautiful, Marian! I really want to learn fairisle. As for knitting in this heat, I like to sit with a fan blowing right on me! Then I can get quite a bit done. Or, you could always find someone to visit in Jerusalem! LOL Their weather is alot better.