Thursday, July 21, 2005

RAW one more time

My instructions for the second row of single needle RAW or right angle weave bead stitch which is based on those from

Step one: Start by entering the bottom bead at the far right on the first row. Bead is labeled #1. Head in a direction from right to left ------------> or clockwise.
Pick up 3 beads (2,3, and 4) and go back into the top bead again from right to left
Then go through the 3 new beads one more time. The thread is now exiting from the top of the last bead on the left. In diagram the first time is done in red and the second in blue.

Step two: Go through the top bead (bead one) of the first row which is now to the left of the first set and going from left to right R <--------------L
Pick up two new beads and go into the left bead you made in step one, back through this set's top bead and finish with bead on left side (first one of the two new ones). Direction is counterclockwise and the thread now exits the left bead from the bottom. In diagram the thread in green begins the movement and the orange thread shows the progression.

Step three: Pick up two new beads and go through the top bead of previous row on the left of the last set. Enter it from the right and go to the left R------------->L
Go around ending again on the left bead. Thread now exits from top of this bead. The direction you went was clockwise.

Repeat steps two and three until you reach the end of the beads from the first row.

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