Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just finished a baby blankie in the VK Grannies book. Designed by Marilyn Losee. This was such fun to do. I used several variegated acrylics I bought here in Holon instead of the plain colors in the pattern. I even have enough left over for a second one. Now I just need to find a baby!
I saw my surgeon last week and also got back the blood test. Both were excellent. The surgeon isn't sure whether I still have the cancer but he thinks it's there only smaller and just wants now to check me again in 4 months.The hormone pill I'm taking is being very successful for me. So once more, I am so lucky. I told a girlfriend about it and she was amazed and told me to "go away". She has had to have chemo and it has spread to other parts of her body. She seems to think th at th e 3 marker tests on the blood test would indicate if there is cancer but I think she is wrong. One can't depend on that.

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