Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheer wools LYS

I forgot to take a picture of the new store for Cheer wools and they just moved on this visit farther up Hennessey not far from the football fields. I found some NOro yarns but pretty expensive and their selection of Japanese knitting books was slim for 2009. Also they had removed their older European knitting books but on my final visit it looked like they had put some of them out again because they do get a lot of "foreign" visitors. I was asked by one lady who was a tourist from Canada about finding a pattern in English for an afghan and when she told m e she was heading soon to Singapore I told her to wait and go to the Golden dragon which has a great selection of English wools (Sirdar and Rowan) plus Japanese yarns and lots of books and needles. Singapore knitters have told me this is the best LYS in Singapore.

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