Tuesday, April 21, 2009

entrelac in Kersti

This sweater started out as a vest because I only had 10 balls of Koigu Kersti which is a lovely variegated dk weight yarn. But after I reached the end of the front and back I saw that I still had 4 balls so I picked up sts around the armhole and knit down and in fact I still have most of one ball left! So this yarn while pricey is very good on length or something. I got my inspiration from seeing a sweater in entrelac by Hubert from her man's knitting sweater book only there she used a plain yarn for the sleeves. However aside from that, I just used my own specifications for the item because I've made so many entrelacs myself. I generally go by the entrelac pattern in the old Harmony stitch book. This one used 10 sts for one triangle and square. Also, the sweater itself has a wonderfully elastic feeling from the yarn and also I did make a vest before this one in the same yarn but it just completely stretched out after washing. I think the entrelacs should hold the yarn now from doing that.
I got back from a month out in the far east where I saw my great knitting friends out there. Siowchin (little purl of the orient) and Marjorie in Hongkong and Tanti out in Jakarta. The only yarn I bought was at Filokilo in Kowloon because they have always a great selection of Diakeito yarns and I can get also a nice discount from them. This time they were very happy to see me and gave me some yarn catalogs from Diakeito with all the colors and specifications for each of their winter and summer yarns. All in Japanese but still quite understandable. I also took photos of a few of the yarnstores in Hongkong who have relocated. I did buy one Japanese knitting book because I have so many in my collection from several years and I just didn't see anything wildly exciting.

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