Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yarn purchases in Hongkong

I was really sticking to my yarn diet this trip but couldn't resist the following yarns left to right: Dialien color 605 from Diakeito. I bought 9 balls and it is probably linen with cotton in a variegated color. This will probably become some kind of crocheted vest or shawl. The next yarn is Diamist lame in color 707. This has some gold and silver colors an d 3 balls should be enough for a narrow summer scarf. Both are Diamond yarns. The third one is Diadomina in color 323 and is a variegated red and pink and other colors. I bought 9 balls which should be enough for a plain raglan pullover. The prices from Filokilo are approx the same with the discount as in Japan. You have to bargain but it also helps to be a good repeat customer. This store often has classes too. They carry some cheaper Italian yarns. None of the stores I've seen in Hongkong carry Chinese yarns although I believe there is a place somewhere in Hongkong. Just haven't found it yet.

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