Tuesday, May 19, 2009

crocheted blankie shell stitch

After struggling for a few days trying to remember where I found this pattern it finally came to me. It's in the VK crocheted baby blankets book on p. 60. The pattern includes an animal head but since this is a lapghan for an adult I don't need that and also I wouldn't give a 100% wool blankie to a newborn. I like it so much that I dug into my stash collection and came up with another Te Awa yarn from Australia. I have several of them actually. I'm using a 5.00 hook and after going through my hook collection I found that a plain simple aluminum one with no name of the brand works the best on this one. I do love my Phildar hook too but it's quite heavy at this size and the American Boye is not as slidey as I like either. The pattern is very easy but I haven't found it in any of my stitch crochet books yet. It mainly uses sc, hdc and dc to make a sort of shell which then on the second row heads in the other direction. But except for the beg row, everything else is the same as row 2 which makes it delightfully easy and quick to make.

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