Saturday, March 19, 2005

Martha's poncho

Who would have thought I'd be crocheting 2 Martha ponchos today? But that's life. I started one with the LIli Chin pattern from Interweave using two yarns in my stash that are great together and then another free crochet pattern arrived from another source so I also got that one going in more stash yarns in cotton/acrylic for a change. Now my daughter says she will never wear a poncho so I have no idea who will get them; but I guess I do this more for the challenge anyway.

I finished the mystery called "Bead on trouble" by Barbara Burnett Smith. She (the author) was killed while chasing her runaway dog and somehow in the mystery this is forecast by the young kitten Sinatra that everyone is chasing. Weird. But good mystery and I'm sorry there will be no more. The setting is a local summer camp in Texas where beaders have gathered for a few days.

I'm also finishing now a very unusual sweater from VK 98/99 winter issue by Barbara Venishnick and she just died at the age of 56 from a sudden heart attack with no previous history of this. So scary, and so sad too. I left a message at the newspaper site about my sorrow on this. She was for me a very good designer and I have done several of her designs but there will now be no more.

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Joan said...

I was very sorry to hear of Barbara's passing too. It just makes you think how your life can change in an instant. She will be missed.