Thursday, March 31, 2005

Barbara Venishnick

Barbara Venishnick died recently at age 56 and I was very sad because she really was a wonderful designer. I've put together a listing of her patterns that I have in my collection and I would love to know about any others. I may have missed them or I just don't have that particular item.
There are a few biographical notes that I have found also such as that she started designing for Vogue Knitting in the winter 98/99 issue.
Vogue Knitting:
1998-9 winter #21 entrelac pullover
1999 Fall # 12, entrelac square blanket
1999/00 Winter #20
2000 Spring/summer #26
2000 Fall #33
2000/1 winter #35 her picture and short article
2001 Spring summer #26
2001 special children's issue #27 entrelac
2001 Fall, #16 tunic
2002 special #26 man's Koigu pattern
2002 Spring/summer #18
2003 Fall #1 shawl
2003/4 winter #25 Koigu modular scarf
2004 Spring summer #10 pullover (mistakes in pattern?)

Family Circle Easy Knitting:
2001 Winter #27 baby afghan
2002 holiday #50 Knitted afghan

#40 Celtic geometry p 50; #43 Great Amer afghan p.22; #49 Guatemala majesty p. 100;
#40 Who are these Celts? p. 24; #47 Zigzag blue, p. 30; #52 cover girl fashion, p.40;
#53 outdoor Norwegia, p. 82; #54 Striped illusions p. 60; #55 Cabana stripes, p.40;
#56 Cuddle coat, p. 94; #57 he said, she said arans, p. 34; #58 green tea slant, p.54;
#59 Twill & Kente pillows, p.76; #60 Swift knit gansey p.86; #64 Snowy cables p. 52;
#65 Optical vest, p. 42; #66 Homage to Anni, p. 44 and Bobble stripe raglan, p. 70;
#67 Whirligig afghan, p. 48 and grids & boxes p. 56; #68 Mardi gras raglan, p. 60;
#70 Bayou gold, p. 62; #72 Left turn only, p.86; #76 New Nehru, p. 98;
#75 Arrowhead, p. 68 and Drunken squares, p. 90

Cast on:
Fall 2003 Bush jacket p. 40 and Yokohama jacket p. 65
Winter 2003/4 Old farm road jacket p.30
2004 summer Tunis, p.34

Family circle easy afghans:
p. 68 Patchwork leaves

Family circle Easy baby knits:
Lucky stripes p. 24
Building blocks, p 88 (baby blanket)

Family circle easy toys:
bring in the funk, p. 64 (toy)

New Directions in knitting (ed by Stauffer, c2003)
p.16 Royal Ashanti jacket, p.30 Periwinkle panels, p.77 Rustic cables;
p.94 Homage to Horst, p160 Contrapposto symphony sweater, p.164 City evening jacket

Knitting in the round (Stauffer ed)
p. 19 Carnival blanket, p. 63 Angel baby

Handpaint country (Potter)
p. 160 double vested, p.161 gypsy rose, p.162 why not pants, p.164 genteel tuxedo

VK scarves: gossamer shawl p.65
VK bags and backpacks: Tigerstripe purse, p.61
VK baby blankets: enchanting entrelac blanket, p.68
VK caps and hats: Harlequin beret p.7
VK baby gifts: Receiving blanket, p.26

Quick knitted afghan (Stauffer, c2001)
lazy man's plaid, p.8, ebb and tide, p.18, garden path, p.30, northern lights p.50,
Tibetan check afghan, p.124, jiffy rib afghan p.150; embossed diamonds afghan p.174

Interweave knits:
They have an online index of her name.


Jean said...

A real labour of love, Marian, and now a mnost valuable resource. I will print and save. Many,many thanks. Jean

Kate O. said...

Hi. I thought you'd like to know about another pattern she did for Vogue Knitting that I absolutely love and am going to knit once I have some room cleared up in my knitting queue. It's in the Winter 98/99 issue, an entrelac pullover with a beautiful cabled band at the bottom(#21). I added it to ravelry, so maybe when I get it started/done? you can see it there. :)

Anonymous said...

please...i've had a loose copy of a wonderful pattern from barbara venishnick for years called "striped illusion" - my stash of patterns was ruined due to a flood and i'd love a copy....any chance???

vickijo said...

I was so sorry to hear of Barbara's death. She was a beautiful crafter. I started a prayer shawl ministry in our church and I found her pattern "EBB TIDE" on a free website and I have finished it. I marked up my pattern and tried to find it again but in vain. The ladies in the shawl ministry want to knit it and give it to the rest homes and hospitals. I would appreciate a new copy of it very much. Thank you Vickijo