Friday, March 11, 2005

Isn't she loverly?

This new project is Perkins from Yorkshire fable (Rowan, 2003). Designed by Sarah Dallas and using the yarns called for: Rowan Yorkshire tweed dk in 5 colors. It is so frustrating though!
Do you see in the photo how she's hiding her right arm? Why? For a knitter, this means caution ahead. Problems. Big ones.
The schematic especially so. Because the pattern is a very simple ribbing of k5, p1,k1,p1 and repeated. But here is the problem: the row of purl stitches are later crocheted over in a chain stitch with the red color which isn't used in the rest of the sweater. And second problem: the bottom on the sleeves and body has a lacey pattern which gets sewn on after it is worked to the lengthwise to match the circumference on the body and on the sleeves at the bottom. But what is that circumference?
The gauge calls for stockinette stitch of 20 sts =4" but there is no st st in this pattern, only ribbing.
So I have decided, after doing a swatch as called for (I'm getting 17st=4" on size 3.75 needles instead of 20 sts =10 cm on 4mm), to work the sleeve first and to make it my usual length of 17.5" minus the (most likely) 2" for the bottom. Then at the same time, I will do that bottom lacey section and sew it on and also crochet the chain st on the purl lines. Once I have completed everything, it will then be easy to figure out the body which I plan on knitting in one piece.
I want to finish this one now and not let it wait for next winter so wish me luck!
One word about this yarn: I love it. It feels really nice when knitting.
I expect to be in England in the summer for my beading class so I want to have this one done in case I'd like to pick up more of this yarn. I just reserved my ticket and hotel reservation this week. As usual, when I'm traveling alone, I book cheap but convenient so my usual pad is the Gresham Hotel in Bloomsbury.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marian -

How about a provisional cast-on, then work the edging as a sideways knitted-on edging after completing the garment piece?

See most of Elizabeth Zimmermann's books or Gathering of Lace for ideas on doing this.

Good luck with it :)

Catherine Moore (fellow KBTHer)