Monday, March 07, 2005


This is Israel wearing his new present. He wasn't happy with the gray one I presented him done to his requests so he found this one that had never been worn and carted it off. It was from a Candace Strick pattern in an older Knit n style magazine. Yarn used was some Paton's (Canadian) classic wool. I think he looks really nice in it so I told him he can keep it as he was feeling guilty about it later. Meanwhile I'm hard at work on my winter wips as winter is nearly done around here but I have lots of cooler wips waiting to come out and play.


Siow Chin said...

The aran and crochet scarf look terrific! I'm craving for some cables right now and I think I'm going to order the Celtic Dreams pattern.

Anonymous said...

The aran sweater looks great. He should be happy to have it ! I have no time to knit so complicate aran design for my BF. Now, he only receive simple knits from me ><


Anonymous said...

Dear Marian,
the aran sweater looks gorgeous - Israel can be proud of wearing it!

Take care,

Mary Morrison said...

I should think he would want that Aran -- who wouldn't! The color is one of my favorites. Beautiful work.