Saturday, February 12, 2005

Waverley woolen mills

Yesterday I got my order from Waverley woolen mills in Australia which took 8 days in all to reach me and was quite reasonable. I ordered 4 colors which you can see in my swatch above. I'm just swatching and haven't decided what it will be yet. The pattern though is from the Nancy Wiseman Knitted sweaters... on p.33. There's an error in the pattern too. Row 2: you should be slipping the sts with the yarn in front. If you do it with the yarn in back, then my swatch shows you on the green and red area at the top, what that looks like. Nothing like her sweater. Amazon as a fantastic price right now for this book.

Tracking it down, I found instructions in the Barbara Walker 2nd anthology for Chessboard. Interesting is that Wiseman made other changes which are quite nice. Instead of the Walker 2 colors, Nancy uses 4 and she also has each pattern in 14 rows instead of Walker's 16 rows.

Anyway, I now am planning more swatches. One I like from the Jamiesons and is also a slip stitch pattern with 4 colors.

I am now blocking my Koigu one skein scarf with beads. No picture yet, but I think this will make a great gift so plan on doing several more.

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