Thursday, February 24, 2005


I am having a hard time deciding what to do. My good friend saw me wearing this gorgeous aran sweater in Rowan Magpie I made a few years ago and he asked me for it. Truth, it fits him better than me as it was meant to be for my two children but it was too small for them. And also, the neckline was way too big so I had to figure out how to fix it which I did; but it is gorgeous and took a lot of knitting hours and as we know, Magpie is no longer being made and is a great aran.

Now this man always is asking me for knitted stuff and I have made him a few things most of them were not that successful on him. For example, recently I used some Jaeger dk to make him a v-neck cardigan with pockets and after he got it, he decided he preferred a higher neck. I was unable to adjust it as I had run out of the yarn which is no longer available.

I could use some opinions on what to tell him. Should I give him the sweater? thanks.


Fran said...

I would tell him that you charge an enourmous amount(like $45 an hr) + the cost of the yarn, and get your money up-front (or a huge deposit)w/no refunds. And that, if you do continue to knit for him, that it is custom work, so he better be certain of what he wants before you start/finish, and that the fee is double if he wants re-dos!

That should put a quick halt to his monkey business....... :)

Marta said...

Maybe what Fran wrote is a littel hard ;-)
But I think you should make him clear that a hand knit sweater not only costs a lot of money, but also a lot of time. If he is sure he will wear it and enjoy it, give it to him :-)

Take care!

Jean (KBTH lurker, never posted) said...

I believe that a good friend does not take advantage of someone, and if you were to have a chat with this fellow about the dollar/time costs of handknit sweaters, he'll probably understand. Maybe he can help you out with something in return if he doesn't have cash to pay. If he doesn't understand & gets miffed, is he really a good friend?

Elka said...

I get the impression you do not want to give it to him. If this is the case then you should just say NO. I think non-knitters have no clue as to the cost of materials and time and find it easy to ask for stuff as if garments just flow off our needles between loads of laundry or something. It was once suggested to me that I knit garments for babies, by a lady I had gifted a baby sweater to, for oh say $5!! I knew then that my gift was undervalued and stopped knitting anything as gifts unless to somebody I knew would understand the time and skill that went into it~~my mum, fellow knitters, or charity which breaks that rule but at least it is needed and appreciated ;^>. Truth be told I haven't even knit my husband of 10 years a sweater yet despite numerous requests because every time I spent money on yarn he mentions $20 for a sweater at the local mart!!