Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Would you believe the girl in the picture is me? nope? oh well, I can try. This is the sweater I want to finish this season. Lingerbay by Starmore from "In the Hebrides". Intarsia style in Jamiesons Scottish heather and expensive. I bought it back in 1995 or 6 and it was expensive then too. I'm making the larger size and have e nough yarn and I think afterthought pockets would be good. It's for Dayana. She didn't get to see it as it was lying on the floor when she wandered through.
She did help me choose some red wooden beads to do on the Pascal Shapely shawlette in the red merino I bought in Beiijing earlier this year. That is only scheduled for later when it's warmer.
I also showed her the new chevron necklace we learned to do last night in bead class. AFter that part is done we do some more stuff from Varvara's "Coraling technique". I own this book and I explained to the other students why it's important to buy American books when they are published. For some reason American publishers have no backlists, probably due to taxes. Most other civilized countries keep backlists so the students thought I was a bit daft.

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Anonymous said...

Lingerbay is going to be beautiful! I'm sure your daughter will love it.

Siow Chin