Monday, February 07, 2005


I'm very interested in using beads in my projects so I am enrolled in a local course taught by a lovely woman who makes beautiful jewellry. She told me about a good course in a summer school north of London so I managed today to enroll for a week of beading and I'm so pleased. The course is for beginners or for more advanced students and the place, Missenden Abbey, looks like it will be great fun and a nice area around to explore maybe by bike. Meanwhile the mail continues despite the heavy rain we're getting. Yesterday more bead books showed up plus the Noble book called Lavish lace . All the projects are for scarves or for shawls (large scarves) and all the stitches are shetland lace that seem relatively easy to do. The yarns called for are handdyed by Potter and I will never be using them but that's not a problem. There seems to be a lot of explanations, maybe too much as it reads like a lace textbook. I'm comparing it to Annie Maloney's lace book which also arrived lately and that book is eons past the Lavish lace as it also explains how to design lace patterns among many other topics.

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