Sunday, July 19, 2009

kreplach recipe

My kreplach recipe is very low salt but you can add salt if you want to the dough or to the boiling water or after; however, try it this way as it's very tasty.
Begin by boiling 2 large pans filled with water.
2 cups flour
1/3 cup cold water
1 egg
Add part of the water to the flour and egg in a food processer and continue adding water slowly until the dough begins to move as one piece (rather violenty too)
If you have too watery a dough, just continue to knead it with more flour.
Put aside and make the filling.

Cheese filling:
200 grams or 8 oz of low salt white cheese. Can be farmer's cheese. My cheese is about 50mg salt in 100 grams of cheese.
sugar to taste (up to 3 TBSP)
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg, beaten
1 heaping TBSP sour cream (I use low fat 9%)
Mix all but the egg and taste. when taste is right, then add a beaten egg and mix well.

Blueberry or fruit fillings:
Fruit plus sugar
cinamon optional
Cornflour if watery.

The pictures below show my small rolling pin.put flour on a level surface. I take a large pinch of dough and roll it into a circle about 2-3" in diameter. Roll fairly thin and then add cheese or fruit (small amount). I usually fold the circle over once and pinch up the edges. This technically is called perogie. To make kreplach, continue and take two corners and pinch them together.Be very careful that the dough is well sealed especially if the filling is fruit.

Add about 10 kreplach to the boiling water and after they all have reached the top of the pan, continue cooking about 10 minutes and then remove into a strainer. You might want to lower the heat while it's cooking and don't cover.

For cheese I like melted butter (unsalted of course) and a little sour cream. For fruit, you might want to put a little sugar on each one. Taste first.

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Geowyn said...

Thank you for the recipe. I will have to see how it compares to mine. My cheese filling uses 1/2 farmer cheese, eggs and 1/2 small curd cottage cheese. I learned from my Lithuanian grandmother. She made her own cheese for it with large curd cottage cheese. When I make the cheese, I have to hide it from my boys (30 and 39 years old) as they still react to it and try to eat it all like when they were little. I have never tried it with fruit. I will have to try your version. I have just used the cheese one and one with left over mashed potatoes. Everybody loves them. Thank you for posting.