Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diakeito crochet

I spent several hours today figuring out the pattern in the Diakeito magazine shown here (cover is the project). The yarn is Dialien and it's a beautiful pastel ribbon. Color is LE 605. I think it's a linen, cotton blend. The ball is 35 grams and is 123 m. The pattern calls for 230 grams so I have enough too. I began with the "magic loop" and then went on to make 2 hexagons and connect them. To my amazement I was spot on gauge which almost never happens to me. The hook is a Japanese 2.0 which is called for in the pattern.

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Californiagal said...

Hi: I have tried to find Dialien in the U.S., but have been unsuccessful. Can you tell me where you purchased Dialien from? Thanks so much.