Monday, June 29, 2009

Potawatomi weave

Potawatomi weave is shown in the Goodhue book "Indian beadweaving patterns". It is similar to Daisy stitch but I think faster and if you change the beads you can come up with some of the designs I made in my picture here. You can Google for it too. There's a lovely pattern by Carolyn Pedrick called Twilight necklace
Books with it are "A Treasury of beaded jewelry" by Mary Ellen Harte (p.20-21) and "Beaded jewelry with found objects" by Carole Rodgers on p.30. It is very good for chains and she has a few in this book. Bead and button also had something on it some years ago. I find it works fastest with larger beads and in more than one color. I did it with 11s in one color and was quite unhappy.

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