Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feminine knits- review

This book Feminine knits by Samsoe is translated from the Danish and the publisher, Interweave, has not bothered to change the yarns used. The cheapie way friends. Instead on p.126 they indicate where you can make substitutions of course using the more expensive yarns like Rowan. In addition the patterns are written for small sizes and generally don't give much extra width. Biggest sizes are about 43" around.
Now some of the patterns are inspirational so the excellent knitter (and why she or he needs this book I have no idea)can then fight with it and get the particular item they want at the gauge he or she wants. But after all that work, I say just use the patterns for inspiration and do your o wn thing and next time don't buy this book sight unseen. This book is best borrowed from the public library although here in Israel you can scratch that one too. And as for Interweave, well I've been burned before by them so now I will be that much more careful in the future.

The book got 3 stars from me on Amazon in my review and I think that was generous.

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Henya said...

Thank you for the warning.