Sunday, February 22, 2009

clown toy

This is from Knitted toys by Jean Greenhowe, c89. It's been a wip for years as I didn't know what to do with the hair but now in the future I might do an embroidery stitch with it which I ran across in a very old French book.Anyway, I gave it to Asya and she wasn't interested. She's more into cars. Also everything looks to her like a phone and if it isn't a phone (and this is not for sure) than she couldn't care less. I'm getting ready to go to her 2nd birthday party in March. It's in HOngkong so the trip is a long one for me. But my two kids have set up a really grand time for me including two trips into China, 2 days in Macao, a day in Penang in Malaysia and of course Singapore and Jakarta and a few weeks with the little one. This time she's getting cars!

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